Afton Art Festival

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"..we thoroughly enjoyed the band's music Thursday night at the Sherwood. While we were impressed with the caliber of the band, we were even more impressed with the band's mission to support aspiring women musicians. thinking of all of you for an energetic and inspiring evening. Sincerely, Rose"

Kathy Drinkwine and her friends get together and have a good time with their music. They play old time blues, and a variety of standards. Their passion of music brings a fun atmosphere.

"Thank you everyone for the opportunity to jam with you last night.  Everytime I talk with you guys, practice with you, listen to you, or play with you, I learn so much.  You are not only an inspiring band, but you are also, each of you, wonderful people."  Linda 

Photo credit to Jim B. 


Photo credit 
Janis Verruso JV's Eye Photography & Copper Art

Women In Music

Hi from Rita and her cat. Hope you are staying safe

Drinkwine with Friends

Band and women's jam

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Right now, we have to wait for things to calm down

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