Welcome to Women in Music Minnesota

<> A non profit to help women and girls in music

Mission Statement

Women in Music - Minnesota is a non profit 501 (c) 3 organization. It's a group of women involved in the music field who give 1. Support, 2. Education, 3. Exposure and promotion to other women, the community and the state of Minnesota. It is to keep hope in women's dreams alive be staying in the music, making the appropriate choices for themselves and 4. Starting a conscious change of how society see women in music.
1. Support is provided by networking at meetings, gatherings, and boosting confidence. 2. Education is offered through seminars, panels, discussion groups, classes, leadership role models and helping to give experience. 3. Exposure and promotion is given through showcase opportunities, CD compilations, internet radio shows, and access to women in the field. 4. The change on society's views is both internal and external. By nurturing confidence and inner strength, we can start the change of how we see ourselves, effecting how others see us. Externally, we want to free our status from "gimmick" to substance. From seen as sex first to a musician first, we want to bring a new tradition of a 'raised bar' of musicianship and business leadership to start a totally equal world of music.

Women In Music

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Women in Music Minnesota Networking was launched during a poolside social in August of 2003 when 35 women from diverse segments of the music industry such as record company employees, music buyers, singer/songwriters and music educators forged new relationships and strengthened existing ones. We thank those who contributed wonderful door prizes to the event and appreciated everyone's enthusiasm and generous spirit.

Participants expressed a desire to continue as a group or perhaps be part of a formal organization to serve our common interests. As such, we have compiled names into a database we can use to inform each other of future events and other items of interest.