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Rebekka's Corner
Updated 6/16/2015

Hello and welcome to the website for women in music Minnesota. We are a non profit to help women and girls in music.

Hope you are enjoying your summer! Here in Minnesota, the summers are short, so we try and savor every single minute of outside time in the warm weather. It's the time of year when we host our annual girls rock camp called Pop Rockers. This is a camp where girls get to try new instruments, write songs with their band and make new friendships. We are looking forward to the beautiful campus at St. Catherine's College music department in St Paul. I'm also looking forward to mentorship from an all woman local blues band that will come in for a performance and work with the girls on their playing and writing.  In this band, I am trying my hand at an instrument that I'm not as familiar with: the drum set. It is a load of fun and I get to hit stuff really hard. You can see some promo material on the "women's jam" page on this site.

Thank you to Jill Holly for your updates with the songwriting tips for us this summer. A great time to settle in and work on your creative side. Also, thanks to the Minnesota Association of Songwriters for hosting all these songwriting seminars this summer at Schmitt music. I hope you can make some of them. They are fabulous. 

Don't forget to submit your song to our songwriting contest. The deadline is Sept. 30th 2014 for not only some recognition on how good you are, but also some free studio time. 

Also, please send us information on your band, your gigs, your experiences and any story you would like to share. Send it over!

Thank you for visiting! and keep with the music, keep your dreams alive! 

Please check back soon and stay in touch, Rebekka

Pop Rockers Rock Camp

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Songwriting Tip of the Month
by Jill Holly

Songwriting Tip- July 2014

Summer 2014 Songwriting Tip 

by Jill Holly

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! I’m serious! Summer is when record labels and artists start looking for songs for their Holiday Album release(s). The biggest artists record holiday albums. Why? Because year after year the material is still viable for the public to purchase and the artist doesn’t have to go back into the studio to record another album, with more expense, more time in the studio and less time performing.

A friend of mine who makes her living as a songwriter receives checks every year from the same record, same artist & same song…yep a Christmas album from none other than Sting. Not a bad affiliation, especially since he usually records only his own compositions.

You only need one Holiday song to have an enormous career as a “paid” songwriter!

How to get motivated to write about snow, hot chocolate, Santa & cheer in summer? Make it your goal to have the song completed and recorded by next summer and you’ll be glad you did. 

Warm up to the idea that you need to write about something you love deeply about the holiday, or what kind of things do you want to change about your next holiday season. Fun songs, funny songs, romantic & heartfelt tear jerkers seem to have the longest shelf life for holiday songs. Use your imagination. One of the most prolific Christmas song composers to date was a man of Jewish faith. I guess you could say he used his imagination-ya think?

Find the best hook in the world...even if it takes you years. So be patient. Make that hook line the most memorable line you’ve ever written and build your song around it. Even if you think this isn’t your cup of tea, I guarantee that the process of trying to write a Holiday song will make you a better songwriter. So, even if it takes you 5 years, or 5 minutes to write a darn fine Holiday song, “Go for it!”

Remember, as always with songwriting…find the balance between simplicity & complexity and the balance between predictability & surprise.

© 2014 Jill Holly
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Updated 6/8/2015
Women's Jam with the Roxxy Hall band. Located at the Minnesota Music Cafe in St Paul. Must sign up 1 week before the show. More information at www.RoxxyHall.com  

Sign up now for Pop Rockers girl's rock camp. July 2014. more information at www.PopRockers.org

Visit "Women's Music History of Minnesota".  Submit a story of your Mom or your Grandma's musical performances here in Minnesota to use and be documented for publication. Don't let these stories die away. Please share them with everyone. You can visit the website (which is always being updated) at Minnesota Women's History website.

The Minnesota Association of Songwriters (MAS) meets in St. Paul at 7 pm on the last Wednesday of each month in room 206 of the McNally Smith Music College at 19 Exchange St., across from the Fitzgerald Theater. Meetings include educational modules for improving songwriting skills, guest speakers and song critiques. Membership is only $25 per year. For more info, please visit www.mnsongwriters.org
NSAI meets the 1st Tuesday and the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 989 Selby Ave in St. Paul at 7pm. It's free!

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