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Rebekka's Corner
Updated 1/7/2014

Hello and welcome to the website for women in music Minnesota. We are a non profit to help women and girls in music.

Thanks for visiting our site. My name is Rebekka and I'm pleased to say that we are entering our 10th year! We established this as a nonprofit in 2004 with our Women Reign tour through the midwest with the help of a record company called Blue Sky. We raised money for the women's shelters in each city we played in. I got to meet many talented bands and people who shared the same passion as our group. 

My goal has always been to create a sense of belonging and support for other women in the music industry. Of course we have had our ups and downs, but we kept going trying to support the wealth of talent we have here in Minnesota. We started the first girls rock camp, we started and kept the first permanent record of women's music history in Minnesota. We connected Allison Scott to her management deal.

We still have much work to do, though. There are women out there struggling to be heard, trying to do their talent, and may be in need of tools in how to deal with the glass ceiling and discrimination. We need your help to continue our work. You can get involved by becoming a member, attend one of our officer meetings, send in your song at our songwriting contest, or volunteer at our girls rock camp called "Pop Rockers". 

I don't get paid to do this. All the money that is raised goes into our account to keep our events going. Thank you for your support! and keep with the music, keep your dreams alive! 

Please check back soon and stay in touch, Rebekka

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Songwriting Tip of the Month
by Jill Holly

Songwriting Tip- March 2014

I love it when songwriters are inspired with boundless ideas, but often they end up trying to put it all in one song. The opposite is true as well, when songwriters write dozens and dozens of songs, when they should be focusing their efforts on writing one terrific song.

Your original song gets only one debut. Make it memorable by staying focused; get to the point with language that is expressive, meaningful to everyone that hears it, not just those who know you personally. Make each line count. Each line should give the listener more information, emotionally and physically. Not only do we want to feel what’s unfolding in your story, we want to be able to picture it as well.

If you are a wordy writer, or the opposite; too vague, try first writing in outline form. Think it out carefully then polish your song line by line.  Take you raw ideas and turn out beautifully crafted lines, one by one.

So here’s your task… Look at one of your favorite compositions that you think is finished but needs more punch. For example…while working on one of my own songs, I liked what I was saying but the line really didn’t jump out as great.  So I took the line and wrote it out several times minus the adjective. The line was “finally finding what we’ve come here for.” It’s what I wanted to say but it just wasn’t very distinguished. What I eventually ended up with was, “Finally finding what we’ve hungered for.” Even though it wasn’t what I meant, the word “hungered” is more potent emotionally.

To beef up the quality, try this exercise with your songs. I guarantee you will elevate the craft of your songwriting. Just because the lines you write may reflect the truth of what may have really happened in your story, remember that the truth isn’t always interesting. This little songwriting tip will help you learn artistic license. Your stories will become more interesting and more memorable than your real life experiences might ever be.

Write out your line several times and experiment with different words to fill in the lackluster words. Get out your thesaurus and write on!

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© 2014 Jill Holly
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Updated 3/8/2014
Women's Jam with the Roxxy Hall band. Located at the Minnesota Music Cafe in St Paul. Must sign up 1 week before the show. More information at www.RoxxyHall.com  

Sign up now for Pop Rockers girl's rock camp. July 2014. more information at www.PopRockers.org

Song Circle meets the 2nd Thursday of the month at Natural Sound Studios in St paul at 7pm. Play new or old songs to get some feedback and meet other song writers. 989 Selby Ave. More information wayne@waynehamilton.com

Visit "Women's Music History of Minnesota".  Submit a story of your Mom or your Grandma's musical performances here in Minnesota to use and be documented for publication. Don't let these stories die away. Please share them with everyone. You can visit the website (which is always being updated) at Minnesota Women's History website.

The Minnesota Association of Songwriters (MAS) meets in St. Paul at 7 pm on the last Wednesday of each month in room 206 of the McNally Smith Music College at 19 Exchange St., across from the Fitzgerald Theater. Meetings include educational modules for improving songwriting skills, guest speakers and song critiques. Membership is only $25 per year. For more info, please visit www.mnsongwriters.org
NSAI meets the 1st Tuesday and the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 989 Selby Ave in St. Paul at 7pm. It's free!

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